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Dr. Rubén Moscoso Nieto (father) in his lab in 1965.
The Dr. Héctor Moscoso goes 19 years of path, in the field of the Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery. He dealed the studies of Licentiate of Medicine and Surgery in the University of Barcelona, and the specific knowledge in the field of the Aesthetics them to acquired of first of the aesthetic medicine, as the Dr. Pistor (creator of the mesoterapia) and his disciples of treatments so known as the mesoterapia.

- University student's Master of Aesthetic Medicine for the University of Balearic Islands
- Member of the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine
- Member of the Spanish Society of the Medicine and Surgical Cosmetics
- Member of the Professional Union of Doctors and Aesthetic Surgeons

Pioneer medical center in aesthetic medicine in the province of Las Palmas.
Provided that the technologies(skills) facial rejuvenation and corporal treatment have changed from the purely surgical invasive slope, towards the conservative technologies(skills) with fewer side effects from the last ones 20 up to the current importance; the Dr. Moscoso to lived first hand the process of therapeutic change, from the invasive slope to the not invasive one obtaining in this process the great one. A great baggage of knowledge, lived in the clinical daily practice, rejecting the technologies(skills) with many side and ineffective effects and detecting the potential dangers, for this way later, and throughout these years to practise therapeutic simple with few side effects, using the last scientific advances so much in the field of the cellular regeneration for biochemical, photochemical, physicochemical routes, protection, the chronological aging and genetic medicine.

Since 1991 providing services to the population of Canary Islands
Family tradition of the medicine, his father Dr. RUBEN MOSCOSO NIETO ANATOMO PATHOLOGIST AND FORENSIC OF THE NATIONAL POLICIA OF PERU with whom of he developed the peeling of tricloroacético and the biopsies to determine the depth of the acids in the skin(leather). His mother Dra. NELLY ROSES SPECIALIST IN ANALYSIS CLINICAL. His brother Dr. RUBEN MOSCOSO ROSAS LICENSED IN MEDICINE AND SURGERY.

This narrow entail(links) from the infancy does that the exercise of the medicine forms a part inseparably of the life of the doctor and the relation with the patients, seriousness, respect, honesty and good works.

IMSEI CLINIC has an area of ​​Physiotherapy, led by the physiotherapist Paola Boñar del Pino.

She studied physiotherapy at the Catholic University San Antonio (UCAM) in Murcia and the University of Las Palmas de GC. Thanks to this opportunity,she has obtained great variability of skills and knowledge in this field.

With experience spanning from the areas of Spa and physio-estética, sports and neurological diseases to their specialty in the treatment of pain and recovery, especially of the spine. Our physioiterapeuta has a wide range of tools to deal with, such as therapy manual techniques and puncture Neurodinamica Seca.

Together with Dr. Moscoso, a very complete set treatment protocols, working hand in hand Medicine and Physiotherapy for obtaining good results and meet the primary goal: to heal the patient

Within this area, you can count on the following services:

- Back school
- Pain (acute and chronic)
- Sports Physiotherapy
- Functional and neuromuscular bandages
- Massage
- Nerve Entrapment
- Physio-aesthetics
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